De Profundis

by Arborist

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Matt Unquestionably one of my favorite "hidden gem" EPs. These dudes randomly followed me on Twitter and I went to check them out, and well, I immediately bought it. Absolutely incredible work, please buy, listen, and share. Favorite track: Still Earth.
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released December 11, 2015



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Arborist New Iberia, Louisiana

New Iberia,

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Track Name: Still Earth
Time is only temporary,
But we waste our lives focusing on the future.
We are so concerned about what's to come
That we are oblivious to what's happening at this moment to those around us.
We expend every last second in constant worry of what will be next--
Of where we will go when our souls depart.
Will our footsteps leave an eternal mark?
But death catches us by surprise, and the ones we were supposed to love leave this life.
The world ceases to turn as we pay our hypocritical respects,
Proclaiming that we cared so much and that the moments shared will always be remembered,
But then we continue forward as if nothing ever happened.
And it makes me sick.
But I must admit, I'm just as guilty.
So when I'm buried in this still earth,
I hope that no one will remember.
Because that's what I deserve.
Track Name: Above All Else (Feat. Austin Knies)
I've been watching through this wall of glass,
Hoping that some day, your suffering would pass.
Last breath escapes. Your bones collapse.
The soil's embrace leads you to rest.
And all of the eternal memories saturate my being.
Above all else, the soul transcends the physical body.
I know you're still here. I know you're still here.
Your presence resonates within us.
Your heart still beats inside my chest.
I've been waiting behind this wall of glass
For your figure to reappear.
Your image is buried somewhere in the past,
But I will not forget this. I will surpass.
I can relax and wipe the sweat from my brow.
You're in God's hands now.
Track Name: De Profundis
Left to wander, my abandoned spirit has found no tenure.
Forlorn in this world of the living, isolated here by my loved ones before me.
I find myself frequenting the graves more often than my own bed to sleep.
I have become but a figure of twilight, a discarded wraith with no aspirations.
But ultimately, I have discovered the unavoidable course of my fate.
So why not quicken the process?
My time has come to reunite with the faithful departed,
As I take one step off the bridge and let go of the rail.
And in that moment, in those four seconds between life and death,
I realized that my problems meant nothing.
"Oh God, what have I done? Oh please, I don't want to die!"
Track Name: On The Difficulty of Progress
We are all enslaved by an innate fear of failure.
We accept death as the ultimate inevitability, and so we never truly live.
Bound by chains to the stake, we are set aflame.
Leave our charred bones behind, and cast our ashes into the void.
We cannot progress any further.
The difficulties of this existence render us useless.
Can ashes ever return to their original form?
Can we emerge from the depths?
Sew our bodies back together?
Track Name: Mermentau
Dear child, fill your lungs with your first breath.
This is your life. This is your curse.
You were born to die--to struggle to find a purpose or a meaning.
This disgusting world will not hesitate to degrade you or dismantle you from the inside out.
You will be worthless and insignificant to the ones you love.
You are nothing. You are earth, and to earth you shall return.
But there has to be something so much greater than this.
Perhaps there's reason as to why man does not exist alone.
O Vagrant Soul, my dearest son, listen to my words to you:
I never found the answers, but I hope you do.